Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ Jesika Jaymes


I ended last month with a femcee, so let's start this month with one. This episode turned out to be a big success. Jesika Jaymes brought out the most listeners to the Enigma Sept Hour this year so far. This episode also has the second highest number of archived listeners in just two days. Leading the pack is fellow femcee Kim D, so let's give it up for the ladies!

Again, it was easy to interview Jesika Jaymes (FKA Strawberry) because we have known each other over the  years. I noticed she did not talk as much as the other guests, keep her answers short and sweet. On second thought, I might have been talking too much (LOL). Nevertheless, her short answers gave more time to ask more questions and more information about her to the listeners. Make sure to check out the interview to learn what significant dude called into the show.....

I play an exclusive track from Enigma Sept Hour alum, Skai. The song is titled "MeetGreetDelete" featuring Jimmy HenneC and produced by the homie J. Cruz. J. Cruz has been a long time supporter of the Enigma Sept Hour, so it was my pleasure to let the people hear his work. It's a really good song too. I'm sure the song will help Skai make some waves. #smurfs

On the Billboard charts, R&B singer Monica reign supreme on both HipHop/R&B song and album charts. Check out who fell in line behind her....

The WTH moment of the week went to Alfamega, the "I-didnt-snitch-I-lied" rapper who was dismissed by T.I. and Grand Hustle last year. Now that T.I. is closer to becoming a free man again, Alfamega has taken to the internet to go after his one-time boss. Listen to what I say about this mess #sad.....

As always, thanks for everyone who supported this episode. Shouts out to Alissa aka Miss Hollyword, Nikki D and Nowezzy for checkin' in

Next week's guest: P. Gudda

R U Not Entertained?!!


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