Monday, June 21, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (06.20.10)

Ahhhh....this show gets interesting every week. If it's not one thing, it's another or two. The band will march on!!

I would like to think all the people who continue to support me on a regular basis. I know it's not easy because I try to be there for others as well. Yet, you guys hold down the fort and I appreciate that. Special thanks to the big homie J. De La Cruz, Alissa aka Ms. Hollywood, No-weezy, and my long-time homie Marlo.

As promised, I finally premiered the K.T. song "Promise Everlasting". You can't lose with an Isley Brothers' sample. Before I did that, I was interrupted by the aforementioned Marlo. He called me a "heifer monster". #kayneshrug

During the entertainment news section, I spoke on two rappers possibly facing murder charges, a rapper's refusal to see his daughter, a rapper causing a riot by doing nothing, and a world champion thanking his psychiatrist.

I've regressed to giggling to myself. I hate when comedians do this, but then I'm no comedian.

The WTH moment goes to Snoop Dogg and his two videos he appeared in this week, including a video/song dedicated to a fictional character.

Yung Lyrik called into the show and we had a brief discussion on the oil spill and Cash Money's exploration into that industry.

Later in the show, J. De La Cruz and I had a debate about Drake's "Thank Me Later" that was released last Tuesday. He's not particularly feeling it. I think that its a good album. I think expectation will prove to be Drake's biggest foe.

I also spoke on Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes" album, which I purchased at the same time I picked up "Thank Me Later".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (06.10.10) w/ featured artist K.T.


Computers will not take over the world. I repeat computers will not take over the world. They are too prone to human error. That is all. LOL

During the news segment, I spoke on the rap group D12's tax troubles, Dr. Dre's battle with the new Death Row, rap video rumor on President Obama, Ja Rule and Kid Cudi's legal trouble, a scheduled Lauryn Hill sighting, and Jive hateration on Big Boi's album.

The WTH moment of the week went to the ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman, Shannon Price. Yeah.

The interview with K.T. went pretty smooth. The guy was definitely laid-back. He gave a good interview and answered my questions with confidence and cool. You can tell that K.T. is a young cat with an old soul, which is reflected in his music. Unfortunately, techanical difficulties prevented me from giving the world K.T.'s music. Again, computers will not take over the world. Ugh.

Oh yeah, K.T. doesn't not stand for Killer Tactics. LOL

Tracks played: "So I Give It To Her"- Mason Caine featuring Laws and LA the Craftzman; "Can't Leave Rap Alone" by Flamilia.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured artist Notty Black


This episode of the Enigma Sept Hour was special for me. Notty Black of the legendary Nappy Headz graced the show. The Nappy Headz is the rap group that spawn superstar T-Pain. Now Notty Black is taking a crack at his own rap industry takeover.

My comments on Mr. T was totally random. Proceed.

Shouts out to the homie J. Cruz of Four Corner Production for providing a beat for the show.

During the news section, I missed out on a lot of stuff like Lil Kim's beef with Nicki Minaj and Eminem's debuting his new video for "Not Afraid". But I did cover Chamillionaire's foreclosure and Juvenile biting Drake's album cover.

The WTH moment of the week went to RZA and his comments on the South. His comments stemmed from the beef between Jay Electronica and DJ Kay Slay. RZA isn't in the beef, but his name was brought up by Jay Elect.

Check out RZA's comments here:

The top HipHop/R&B albums and song were: Usher's "Raymond Vs Raymond" and Alicia Keys' "I'm Ready".

The track played on this episode was "Several Cuts" by Raven October.