Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (06.10.10) w/ featured artist K.T.


Computers will not take over the world. I repeat computers will not take over the world. They are too prone to human error. That is all. LOL

During the news segment, I spoke on the rap group D12's tax troubles, Dr. Dre's battle with the new Death Row, rap video rumor on President Obama, Ja Rule and Kid Cudi's legal trouble, a scheduled Lauryn Hill sighting, and Jive hateration on Big Boi's album.

The WTH moment of the week went to the ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman, Shannon Price. Yeah.

The interview with K.T. went pretty smooth. The guy was definitely laid-back. He gave a good interview and answered my questions with confidence and cool. You can tell that K.T. is a young cat with an old soul, which is reflected in his music. Unfortunately, techanical difficulties prevented me from giving the world K.T.'s music. Again, computers will not take over the world. Ugh.

Oh yeah, K.T. doesn't not stand for Killer Tactics. LOL

Tracks played: "So I Give It To Her"- Mason Caine featuring Laws and LA the Craftzman; "Can't Leave Rap Alone" by Flamilia.