Monday, June 21, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (06.20.10)

Ahhhh....this show gets interesting every week. If it's not one thing, it's another or two. The band will march on!!

I would like to think all the people who continue to support me on a regular basis. I know it's not easy because I try to be there for others as well. Yet, you guys hold down the fort and I appreciate that. Special thanks to the big homie J. De La Cruz, Alissa aka Ms. Hollywood, No-weezy, and my long-time homie Marlo.

As promised, I finally premiered the K.T. song "Promise Everlasting". You can't lose with an Isley Brothers' sample. Before I did that, I was interrupted by the aforementioned Marlo. He called me a "heifer monster". #kayneshrug

During the entertainment news section, I spoke on two rappers possibly facing murder charges, a rapper's refusal to see his daughter, a rapper causing a riot by doing nothing, and a world champion thanking his psychiatrist.

I've regressed to giggling to myself. I hate when comedians do this, but then I'm no comedian.

The WTH moment goes to Snoop Dogg and his two videos he appeared in this week, including a video/song dedicated to a fictional character.

Yung Lyrik called into the show and we had a brief discussion on the oil spill and Cash Money's exploration into that industry.

Later in the show, J. De La Cruz and I had a debate about Drake's "Thank Me Later" that was released last Tuesday. He's not particularly feeling it. I think that its a good album. I think expectation will prove to be Drake's biggest foe.

I also spoke on Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes" album, which I purchased at the same time I picked up "Thank Me Later".