Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured artist Charles Clark (07.11.10)

One man shouldn't have all this power!

The homie J. De La Cruz saved me on this one. The guest I had lined up was a no-show. An hour before the live broadcast, he suggested a local R&B singer who he was chatting with at the time. So we worked it out and the show you have here is the results. Much thanks to Mr. Cruz and his Four Corner Productions crew.

After running down the Billboard charts, I talked about Eminem's platinum status and Drake's  (double) gold status [So Far Gone EP is near gold]. I spoke on new projects from Wale, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross.

I spoke about an article reporting that concert and album sales are lagging after six months into 2010. Big acts like Rihanna are canceling shows because numbers are low. I also spoke on the Mel Gibson's racist rant. 

Making a transition from Mel Gibson's racist comments to the World Cup (in Africa) was not intended. It worked out though. o_O

The WTF moment went to 

I played a track by an artist named Genn Hicks titled "Being Alone". Its a really nice song. It has a nice India.Arie vibe. Check her out here: Genn Hick's Reverbnation page

Now, the featured artist of the week Charles Clark is no amateur. According to his bio, he was close to signing to J Records, but he decided to attend college. Learn how he is trying to regain the spotlight into the music industry. Also, check out his single "Stars" during the midpoint of the interview. 

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guest Elite (06.27.2010)


I 'll begin by apologizing to those who probably missed the live version of this week's Enigma Sept Hour because I moved the time back one hour. I decided to do that because of the BET Awards that aired at 8 pm EST that night. Thank Me Later.

I gave KT's "Promise Everlasting" some burn because I like the track and I said I would. #manofmyword ....most days. *side eye*

I did some different things with this week's episode. I decided to do the Hip Hop/R&B album and songs charts before the news because it seems to get lost in the shuffle.

I invited the homie J. De La Cruz of Four Corners Productions on the show to discuss Eminem's new album titled Recovery. He doesn't like the album and I didn't at first. The album has grown on me since, so we decided to debate about it.

I played a track from the Roots' new album How I Got Over for Jay since I had told him about it. The title of the track "Now or Never" is on of my favorite songs on the album. Great album overall.

I really enjoyed the interview with Elite, even though it was obvious that he was driving down I-10 towards Tallahassee (LOL). He definitely has a good grasp of the industry politics and a coolness that people seem to draw too. I played his track "Lighthouse" with production by none other, J. De La Cruz. I guess the circle is tight in Tallahassee (lol).

You can follow Elite on twitter: @elitegutta and on youtube at: thisiselite

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (06.20.10)

Ahhhh....this show gets interesting every week. If it's not one thing, it's another or two. The band will march on!!

I would like to think all the people who continue to support me on a regular basis. I know it's not easy because I try to be there for others as well. Yet, you guys hold down the fort and I appreciate that. Special thanks to the big homie J. De La Cruz, Alissa aka Ms. Hollywood, No-weezy, and my long-time homie Marlo.

As promised, I finally premiered the K.T. song "Promise Everlasting". You can't lose with an Isley Brothers' sample. Before I did that, I was interrupted by the aforementioned Marlo. He called me a "heifer monster". #kayneshrug

During the entertainment news section, I spoke on two rappers possibly facing murder charges, a rapper's refusal to see his daughter, a rapper causing a riot by doing nothing, and a world champion thanking his psychiatrist.

I've regressed to giggling to myself. I hate when comedians do this, but then I'm no comedian.

The WTH moment goes to Snoop Dogg and his two videos he appeared in this week, including a video/song dedicated to a fictional character.

Yung Lyrik called into the show and we had a brief discussion on the oil spill and Cash Money's exploration into that industry.

Later in the show, J. De La Cruz and I had a debate about Drake's "Thank Me Later" that was released last Tuesday. He's not particularly feeling it. I think that its a good album. I think expectation will prove to be Drake's biggest foe.

I also spoke on Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes" album, which I purchased at the same time I picked up "Thank Me Later".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (06.10.10) w/ featured artist K.T.


Computers will not take over the world. I repeat computers will not take over the world. They are too prone to human error. That is all. LOL

During the news segment, I spoke on the rap group D12's tax troubles, Dr. Dre's battle with the new Death Row, rap video rumor on President Obama, Ja Rule and Kid Cudi's legal trouble, a scheduled Lauryn Hill sighting, and Jive hateration on Big Boi's album.

The WTH moment of the week went to the ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman, Shannon Price. Yeah.

The interview with K.T. went pretty smooth. The guy was definitely laid-back. He gave a good interview and answered my questions with confidence and cool. You can tell that K.T. is a young cat with an old soul, which is reflected in his music. Unfortunately, techanical difficulties prevented me from giving the world K.T.'s music. Again, computers will not take over the world. Ugh.

Oh yeah, K.T. doesn't not stand for Killer Tactics. LOL

Tracks played: "So I Give It To Her"- Mason Caine featuring Laws and LA the Craftzman; "Can't Leave Rap Alone" by Flamilia.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured artist Notty Black


This episode of the Enigma Sept Hour was special for me. Notty Black of the legendary Nappy Headz graced the show. The Nappy Headz is the rap group that spawn superstar T-Pain. Now Notty Black is taking a crack at his own rap industry takeover.

My comments on Mr. T was totally random. Proceed.

Shouts out to the homie J. Cruz of Four Corner Production for providing a beat for the show.

During the news section, I missed out on a lot of stuff like Lil Kim's beef with Nicki Minaj and Eminem's debuting his new video for "Not Afraid". But I did cover Chamillionaire's foreclosure and Juvenile biting Drake's album cover.

The WTH moment of the week went to RZA and his comments on the South. His comments stemmed from the beef between Jay Electronica and DJ Kay Slay. RZA isn't in the beef, but his name was brought up by Jay Elect.

Check out RZA's comments here:

The top HipHop/R&B albums and song were: Usher's "Raymond Vs Raymond" and Alicia Keys' "I'm Ready".

The track played on this episode was "Several Cuts" by Raven October.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour (05.30.2010)

So the streak is over.

After a string of guests since mid-February, I had to rock an entire broadcast without an interview. Timing couldn't have been better.

At the last minute, I decided to do a mid-year review of rap and R&B game in 2010 with my top 5 events of the past 6 months. There were many events to pick, but I was able to narrow it down to five. I'm sure there will be disagreements, but aye, I did it all at the last minute. Thank me later.....

Additionally, I introduced new slang created by me and Yung Lyrik. You don't want to be dry after the game. Make sure to check out what I'm talking about....

As always, I ran down bits of entertainment news for the week including Nas working with Carlos Santana, Mac Minister's murder conviction upheld, and Rick Ross v Rick Ross....

The WTH moment of the week was the assault on Kat Stacks in a club. The video was posted on youtube. Definitely check out my response to this foolishness.....

Shouts out to the homie Marlon for stopping by Hell'z Basement. That's him in the background. I also played "Oil & Gas" by SBE featuring E&J, "Untouchable" by Enigma September featuring Dermo and Yung Lyrik, and "Love for Hip Hop" by Kim D....

Make sure to leave comments about the episode and be sure to tune into the next live broadcast this Saturday with Notty Black.....

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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guests Brougham $wagg (05.16.2010)

$ir real


Before I start, much props to Brougham $wagg for dropping by Hell'z Basement for this episode of the Enigma Sept Hour.

Now that I have that out the way, I must admit that this was one of the worst interviews I've done so far. Nothing against the guys, they were great. I just wasn't on top of my game and I can admit that. #FML

The first part of the show was better. I can't bomb an entire show! LOL. I rocked my homie Tony Ka$h's song "Da Prince Is Here". I really like the vibe of the song. The track reminds me of a revision of a JT Money or early T.I. song. The best song I've heard from Tony so far.

The WTH moment of the week went to Florida rapper Plies and his Youtube commercial for his new album 'Goon Affilated'. There was just a lot of things going wrong with it. Here's a look at it here.

The No. 1 song was "Unthinkable" by Alica Keys and the No. 1 album went to Toni Braxton with "Toast", according to

During the interview portion, I asked the guys about the use of the word 'swag' in their name and the movement to get rid of the word in rap. We also discussed their background in music, being relatives and music partners, and their musical influences. I played their jazzy track "Ain't Made Up". Check out the rest of the interview below.....

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guest Mason Caine

mason caine

People want to get rid of the word swag. I need to rid 'suck' from my vocabulary. Seriously. o_O

I have an Enigma Sept Hour with a featured guest not living in the Tallahassee area. Go me! O_o

So I ran down last week's news including Debra Antney, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, and the new Rockafella. o_O

The WTH moment of the week went to Red Cafe signing to Bad Boy Records. I just don't see this situation taking off at all. #fail O_o

According to, B.O.B has the No. 1 album and Monica has the No. 1 song on the top Hip Hop/ R&B charts.

I had a great interview with Mason Caine. Technical difficulty tried to derail the interview before it started, but we prevailed.

Mason Caine explained the story behind his name, trying to come out of the Tampa Bay area, and how he hooked up with XXL-featured artist Laws. In the interview, you'll learn that Laws and Mason Caine's first encounter was very similar to that of Kanye and Rhymefest.

Check out what rappers influenced Mason Caine and his track 'So I Gave It To Her" featuring L.A. the Craftzman and Laws at the bottom of the post.

R U Not Entertained?! o_O

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guest DJ Maniac Magee (05.02.2010)

dj tallahassee

Just to make a point, Deejays are very chatty. Ha...

This episode of the Enigma Sept Hour was a part of a weekend double header. It was definitely getting to me in the beginning, but I picked up the energy....

I spoke on hip-hop and R&B news on Diddy, Lil Wayne,Jazze Pha and Gucci Mane.

I went on a mini-rant about the Big Boi concert here in Tallahassee. The turn out was really poor and people missed out on a great performance. I tried to take pictures and videos, but my blackberry sucks! Anyway, check out what I had to say....

I also went on a major rant about the Arizona Immigration Law that was passed last week. Actually, the law was the WTH moment of the week.....

I gave a rundown of the top hip hop and R&B songs and albums of the week. Hint: Usher is killin' them. His label is contemplating dropping him. Foolishness....

The two songs I played during the show was "In Jail" by Tony Kash and "I Wanna Get Married" by Flamilia....

Of course, we have the interview with DJ Maniac Magee. We spoke on the need for strip clubs in Tallahassee, how he came up with his name (a long story), and the different artists he has worked with....

Check out his party mix during the intermission of the interview....

R U Not Entertained?!!......

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guest Chevy B (05.01.10)


Yes, I continue to slip on these blogs. People say better late than never. Take that with a 5 dollar foot long.....

Two of the songs I played during this episode was "Several Cuts" by Raven October and "Why Can't We?" by Kim D.....

During the news segment, I spoke more about the Guru situation, Malcolm X's assassin and the lawsuit against Los Angeles Police Department by the Notorious B.I.G's family.....

The WTH moment of the week went to Afeni Shakur, the mother of the late Tupac Shakur. She was arrested for drug possession.....

I also spoke on Natina from Blaque fame. She was supposedly arrested for drug charges and prostitution. Later this week, it was stated that she was not arrested and that the photos were part of a fluke. #kanyeshrug....

I gave a run down of last week's rap hottest rap songs and albums, according to

This episode's featured guest Chevy B, who brought along one of his crunk tracks, "Already". He spoke about his influences and how important the internet is to his hustle. Listen to the full interview here.....

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guest Marcy Malone

marcy malone

Ok, so I was lazy this week and I'm just now posting my blog about the 4/25 episode of the Enigma Sept Hour. Such is life.

This week's episode went along pretty smoothly. I continue to waste time during the intro and the WTH moment of the week. I need to be more aware of the time.....

It was a very interesting week. I paid respect to the great emcee Guru.....

....and gave the WTH moment of the week to his partner, 'Super producer' Solar. I didn't go as hard as I should have....make sure to peep it though....

The two tracks I played were: "Gotta Man" by Flamilia and "So Alone" by P. Gudda.....

The interview was the best part of the episode. Despite the car noise in the background, Marcy seemed to have a natural knack for interviewing. Make sure to check her out.....

You can contact her at and

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guests SBE


Welcome back, people!

This week I dropped an XL version of the Enigma Sept Hour. My homies Killa Cali and Gainstaville of S.B.E. dropped by to promote their new mix tape 'Smokin' Blunts Effectively'. To give you guys more insight about what you will find on the mix tape, I extended the show to play more songs....

Off top, I had to address the Sonja Norwood vs. Enigma Sept twitter beef. We called a truce...I think....

I dropped some Hip Hop and R&B entertainment news on Nicki Minaj, Nas,and Rick Ross.....

Speaking of Rick Ross, check out which one of his goons made the WTH moment of the week....

Of course, I dropped the hottest songs and albums in the world of Hip Hop and R&B, according to

Make sure to peep out the interview. It was kinda crazy trying to differentiate who I was speaking to, even though they are from different places. Also, last week's guest P. Gudda called in to congratulate the guys. I bet you guys didn't know I knew so much about the greeny green....

Seem like you guys like female emcees, so I have Florida's own March Malone making some noise this Sunday (04.20.2010). Stay Tuned.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RIP Guru (of Gangstarr) 04.19.2010

I wanted to say something about the death of beloved emcee Guru and the controversy surrounding this passing. Check it out.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ featured guest P. Gudda


This week's episode marked the return of P. Gudda to the Enigma Sept Hour. He surfaced on the show back in November, but he came back to drop a new hot song titled "So Gone". I definitely believe its a burner.

Speaking of burners, I had to throw more support to my girl Skai and her track, "MeetGreetDelete". I gave it another spin in hope for you listeners will be swayed. Check it out and tell me if she should bump or dump the song.....

I gave a rundown of last week's news bits topped with the WTH moment of the week. The lucky victim: Warner Bros.! Check out what stunt they pulled and why they have won such a prestigious title.....

Usher proved king of the Hip Hop/R&B album charts, but only came in 2nd place on the song charts. Check out who took the top spot......

Make sure to check out next week's episode with some of my favorite people, S.B.E. Killa Cali and Gainstaville will return to the Enigma Sept Hour to promote their upcoming mix tape "Smokin' Blunts Effectively" dropping April 20th. Keep an eye out for the link.....

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ Jesika Jaymes


I ended last month with a femcee, so let's start this month with one. This episode turned out to be a big success. Jesika Jaymes brought out the most listeners to the Enigma Sept Hour this year so far. This episode also has the second highest number of archived listeners in just two days. Leading the pack is fellow femcee Kim D, so let's give it up for the ladies!

Again, it was easy to interview Jesika Jaymes (FKA Strawberry) because we have known each other over the  years. I noticed she did not talk as much as the other guests, keep her answers short and sweet. On second thought, I might have been talking too much (LOL). Nevertheless, her short answers gave more time to ask more questions and more information about her to the listeners. Make sure to check out the interview to learn what significant dude called into the show.....

I play an exclusive track from Enigma Sept Hour alum, Skai. The song is titled "MeetGreetDelete" featuring Jimmy HenneC and produced by the homie J. Cruz. J. Cruz has been a long time supporter of the Enigma Sept Hour, so it was my pleasure to let the people hear his work. It's a really good song too. I'm sure the song will help Skai make some waves. #smurfs

On the Billboard charts, R&B singer Monica reign supreme on both HipHop/R&B song and album charts. Check out who fell in line behind her....

The WTH moment of the week went to Alfamega, the "I-didnt-snitch-I-lied" rapper who was dismissed by T.I. and Grand Hustle last year. Now that T.I. is closer to becoming a free man again, Alfamega has taken to the internet to go after his one-time boss. Listen to what I say about this mess #sad.....

As always, thanks for everyone who supported this episode. Shouts out to Alissa aka Miss Hollyword, Nikki D and Nowezzy for checkin' in

Next week's guest: P. Gudda

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ Kim D 03.28.2010


I decided to end this month with a female emcee in light of Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes" LP and the fact that March is Women's History Month. I was able to have my girl Kim D reppin' Tallahassee. 

It's way easier to interview someone that you actually know, especially if they are a fellow Libra! Again, there was not enough time to discuss everything I wanted to cover. We did learn more about  Kim D's sneaker lifestyle and how she got put into the rap game. Check out her track "Love for Hip Hop" and realize that she's serious about this.

The WTH moment went to the Yukmouth/Suge Knight fiasco. The real WTH moment is that these fools are still recognized (I kid!), but check out my thoughts on this foolishness.

Billboard's top HipHop/R&B album and song charts saw some new faces. Shouts out to Marvin Sapp for having the highest placing gospel album on Billboard's Top 200, landing at No. 2. Some people bemoaned that this only happened because of low record sales across the board. I think its a blessing nevertheless. 

Anyway, check out this week's episode and let me know what you think! Also spread the word and let people know about the broadcast. Props to my aunt Robbie and my little bro Reggie for calling into the show too.

Next week's featured guest: Chevy B Jesika Jaymes

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Club Episodes 03.22.2010

The big homie, Rico, along with Big Stacks Promotions, has been giving local rap acts a place to hone their skills here in Tallahassee every Monday for the past few months. They hold a talent showcase/open mic event at Club Episodes on Pensacola Street. I've stopped by a few times to show love and get more local acts on the Enigma Sept Hour. Last Monday, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

I was nervous. More than I wanted to be. After nearly two years of the Enigma Sept Hour I still get butterflies, but this was a lot more. It was my second performance without Raven October (other than some freestyle battles. Shouts out to the old Beta Bar). Rico called me to the stage and called me an "850 vet". I felt a level of respect despite not putting in as much work as some other acts in the city.

I was nervous until the beat drop. It's like an out-of-body experience. That person who couldn't keep his right hand from shaking disappears. You are a machine who's sole purpose is to rock the party...or club..or whatever. I envisioned myself rocking at a MTV Spring Break concert. That explains why I'm hopping around everywhere. Don't judge me.

After the performance, I felt like I won the first game of the season. I believe I was nervous because it had been two years since the last time I performed. It was like riding a bike.

Shouts out to my boy Dermo for playing Spliff Star and burning a copy of the song on the CD (Dell sucks!). Thanks to the one Noweezy for showing the kid some support. Last, but not least, much respect to all the artists that came out that night and every night. It takes a lot of determination to make it in this game on any level.

You can check me and Dermo rockin' the crowd at the 12-minute mark.

R U Not Entertained?!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ Stess the Emcee 3.21.2010


Spring is finally here!

So I sprung into action by inviting the homie Stess the Emcee (pictured above) as a guest on this week's Enigma Sept Hour. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to talk about as much as I would have liked, but we did have a interesting conversation on our favorite emcee, The Notorious B.I.G. Check out his monstrous track "Rippin' Emcee" halfway through the interview.

The WTH moment of the week went to a former NBA player who says he got more playing time off the court....a lot more playing time. LOL

Of course, I gave a rundown of the top 10 hits and albums of the Hip Hop and R&B world. Make sure, you check that out and stay on the know. Shouts out to

So take a listen to the broadcast and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ DVSwun 03.14.10


First, thanks to all the listeners for making this broadcast the most successful this year so far.

The WTH moment of the week went to Aswad Ayinde and his hideous crimes. This is not an understatement. Check out what I had to say about the award-winning director of the Fugees' 'Killin' Me Softly' video......

Speaking of killin' me softly, Sade is still killin' the Hip Hop/R&B album charts for the fifth straight week as Robyn Thicke keeps the panties wet with 'Sex Therapy' sitting atop of the singles chart. Make sure to check out the two new debuts on the albums chart.....

Last but not least, check out the interview of the big homie DVSwun as we hold a discussion about the importance of lyrics (or lackof), the difference between studio songs and live performances, and his sizzlin' track, 'American Dream'......

After you listen to the broadcast, please leave me some feedback on the comments section...the good....the bad...and the ugly! It's definitely appreciated.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Long Live The King

Biggie Smalls Pictures, Images and Photos

"Your face my feet they meet in stompin'/I'm rippin' emcees from Tallahassee to Compton...." - Notorious B.I.G.

That rhyme still baffles me. Why would a up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn use my hometown in any of his lines. Supposedly Biggie had visited Florida A&M University for homecoming and Florida State University's football program was coming of age, winning its first national championship in 1993. Yet, in the hip hop world, Tallahassee was non-existent. There was no "Hip Hop" from dead prez and T-Pain was running around Oak Ridge Elementary. Yet my city was on the mind of one of the greatest rapper of all time, Christopher George Letore Wallace.

I feel obliged to make a post about Biggie on the anniversary of his last day on earth. My story is that I was inspired to become a rapper when I saw the "Juicy" video on Rap City. When I saw this dark-skin, fat, cock-eyed dude I thought to myself, "I can do this!" I realized that it was about skill and not what image you portrayed. I didn't have to be LL Cool J with all the lip licking. Biggie's success taught me that all I had to do was strive to be the best.

I discovered Biggie's wizardry years later. Before the "Juicy" epiphany, I hadn't paid much attention to rap in terms of lyrics, metaphors, flow, song structure, etc. Being the nerd I am, I began to study different emcess such as Biggie, Keith Murray, Busta Rhymes and Lauryn Hill. I had an East Coast bias. I copped most of their CDs through Columbia's "10 albums for the price of 1" deal from ads placed in newspapers back then. Obviously, Biggie's 'Ready to Die' was my favorite and I would listen to it constantly. My favorite song was "Warning". The beat was hard and Biggie's voice was menacing. I've always been a sucker for story-telling rhymes i.e. Slick Rick's "Children's Story", so "Warning" was my cup of tea. I listened to how he flowed to the beat, the different characters he voiced, and his use of his Jamaican accent all came together perfectly for me. It's still my most favorite song of all time.

I'll admit that I wasn't completely shocked over Biggie's death. No disrespect, but I thought Tupac had the craziest fans. Tupac had an ability to touch people's souls. When he was killed, I thought it was a matter of time before someone sought revenge on Big even though he had nothing to do with it. Lo and behold, on March 9, 1997, Biggie was shot and killed in L.A. When I learned that he died, I shook my head and said, "I knew it". When I learned he was in L.A., I thought, "What that hell was he doing out there?!" The man was on a mission to heal the pain that his beef with Tupac caused and unfortunately that's how he was compensated.

I believe Puffy deserves a lot of respect. I don't agree with a lot of the things he's done lately (Kill the "Last Trip to Paris" project!!), but he almost single-handedly bought hip hop out of a cloud of darkness after 'Pac and Biggie's deaths. Instead of sulking about the death of his best friend, Sean Combs went sample-crazy and made some of the most succulent hip hop song ever. In my opinion, it was needed.

So let's celebrate Biggie's work and his life! I want you guys to tell me what are your favorite Biggie memories and/or songs? Let me know by leaving!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ special guest Tony Kash

Just Kash'd in another Enigma Sept Hour for the masses. Another home run!

First, I don't care about the Oscars. It's boring! So you should have been listening to the live broadcast. Yet, shouts out to Mo'Nique for that win.

The WTH moment of the week came at the last moment with the arrest of R&B singer D'Angelo for soliciting an undercover cop. Yea, check out what I had to say about THAT!

As usual, I gave a rundown of the the top Hip Hop and R&B standings according to There was a change in the top Hip Hop/R&B songs spot. Check out who's the new No. 1.

Of course, my dude Tony Kash made an appearance as we chopped it up about some of his favorite rappers, the origin of his name, and why rappers shouldn't use incarceration as a publicity stunt. Also check out his track, "In Jail" that was played midway through the interview.

In the end, I felt that it was a good show. Let me know what you think. Comments are always appreciated.

R U Not Entertained?!!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour 02.28.10

Street Lotto Pictures, Images and Photos

And I wonder...if you know....what it means....

To have a great show! Well I do and you can peep it out right now.

Check out my comments on the Yung Berg situation (or situations) as my WTH moment of the week.

I have down the weekly run-down of the hottest music in hiphop and R&B according to Billboard. Find out who's holding down the top spots. One clue: They both are quite sexy!

Finally, check out the interview with the homie Street Lotto
as he stopped by Hell'z Basement to discuss his hot single 'On My Gangsta' and how he's getting guap in the digital game.

Overall, I think it was a good show. Let me know what you think.

R U Not Entertained?!! - Music's Top 40 Money Makers

beyonce Pictures, Images and Photos released its top 40 money maker in the music industry this Friday. The results shocked me, to say the least. It should be understood that other businesses that these artists are involved in were not counted in the equation. For example, Will.I.Am's Pepsi deal wouldn't be a part of his earned income. It's all based on money earned by the artist(s)'s music. That would include royalties, album sales, concert earnings, etc.

One shocking fact: 10 per cent of the artists on the list are Black. Out of those four artists, on e of them is dead. Lil' Wayne is the only rapper (No. 30, 12.9 million). He was barely beat out by Tina Turner (No. 29, 13.2). The highest-earning black performer was Turner's modern-day clone, Ms. Knowles (No. 13, $23.7). Oh yeah, who's the dead artist? Tupac? Biggie? You've guessed it. Michael Jackson raked in $17.3 million the year he expired, landing at the No. 20 spot.

The No. 1 money maker in 2009 is U2 collecting more than $100 million. The super rock group earned double as the No. 2 money maker, Bruce Springsteen.

Despite notable hip hop and R&B artists like R. Kelly, Eminem, and Mary J. Blige didn't make the list, I'm sure they are still making a large sum of money. Artists such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent are known for making most of their dough in areas outside of music.

Still an eye-opener.

Music's Top 40 Money Makers |

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour 02.21.2010

Another week, another Enigma Sept. Hour.

I stated that I had four weeks of featured guests, but there were no guest this week. I don't know what happened, but aye it happens. #kanyeshrug

The show must go on! I started the show with my intro as usual.

The WTH moment of the week went to a viral video of some elderly white guy plummeting some wanna-be gangsta black dude. A real-life 'when keeping it real goes wrong'. Peace to Dave Chappelle.

I provided Billboard's Top Hip-Hop and R&B songs and albums of the week. The No. 1 song was 'It Kills Me' by Melanie Fiona and the No. 1 album was "Soldier of Love" by Sade.

I covered news bits from throughout the week including Drake's lament about fake promoters and Nas and Kelis' legal issues.

I closed out the show with a discussion on hip-hop bloggers. The discussion stemmed from a exchange on Twitter I had with DJ Greg Street about bloggers who are too negative or even slanderous. I actually got a caller! Yay! Let's keep it up!

Anyway, it was a decent show. I wanted to cut down on the giggles. I hate the giggles. Ugh.

Let me know what you think of the show. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Enigma Sept. Hour 02.14.2010

This Enigma Sept. Hour fell on St. Valentine's Day, but I didn't want to make a Valentine-themed show. Nevertheless, I served up two tracks whose themes were based on love. Flamilia's 'I Wanna Be With You' and Enigma Sept. & Dermo's 'Stuck On You'. That was the extent of the lovey dovey stuff. LOL

The WTH moment of the week went to John Mayer's Playboy interview. Mayer decided to called his hood pass a "nigger pass" and his genitals "David Duke". I understood his twisted sense of humor, but some things are to be kept in private company. Unfortunately, he'll have to endure the consequences.

As always I covered the Hip Hop/R&B Billboard charts with Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" and Melinda Fiona 'It Kills Me' leading the pack.

This is the first of four consecutive shows with featured guests. I invited Lil 8/50 and Umbravo after I caught their performance of 'Tally Boy Drop' at a local club. During the interview, we talked about how they formed the group, their influences, and the motivation behind 'Tally Boy Drop'. They are cool dudes despite some of our difference in taste of music. ICP, really? LOL

Anyway, you can listen to the show at the jump below. Make sure to check out next week's show with special guest, P. Gutta.

THE ENIGMA SEPT HOUR w/ Lil 8/50 & Umbravo

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few videos from the Blu Colla/Slip-n-Slide Talent Showcase 2-9-10

Theses are a few clips from the Blu Colla/Slip-N-Slide Talent Showcase at Big Daddy's in Tallahassee. There were a lot of good acts with different styles. These are clips of a few of the acts. Unfortunately, the event ended with the shooting of Playboi, the host of the event. SMH The good news is Playboi is still here with us. We need to do better, people!

The Most Popular Enigma Sept Hour Ever

Apparently, I held a co-host contest for the Enigma Sept Hour. I was on some Steve Harvey trip and wanted to model my show after his morning radio show. The most random call ever came from a guy named Zack, who wasn't excited about one of the nominees. My homie Joni Michelle eventually won, even though her stint was short-lived. Regardless , it was a cause for high-drama and drew the highest archived listener count. Take a listen.

THE ENIGMA SEPT HOUR August 17, 2008