Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Enigma Sept Hour w/ DVSwun 03.14.10


First, thanks to all the listeners for making this broadcast the most successful this year so far.

The WTH moment of the week went to Aswad Ayinde and his hideous crimes. This is not an understatement. Check out what I had to say about the award-winning director of the Fugees' 'Killin' Me Softly' video......

Speaking of killin' me softly, Sade is still killin' the Hip Hop/R&B album charts for the fifth straight week as Robyn Thicke keeps the panties wet with 'Sex Therapy' sitting atop of the singles chart. Make sure to check out the two new debuts on the albums chart.....

Last but not least, check out the interview of the big homie DVSwun as we hold a discussion about the importance of lyrics (or lackof), the difference between studio songs and live performances, and his sizzlin' track, 'American Dream'......

After you listen to the broadcast, please leave me some feedback on the comments section...the good....the bad...and the ugly! It's definitely appreciated.

R U Not Entertained?!

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